Masterclass: Real UX & Product Design

Always listening to the needs of IT companies, Vojvodina ICT Cluster presents a brand new course: Real UX & Product Design. This comprehensive curriculum is tailor-made to the needs of rising IT markets, closing the gap we have identified for this particular skill set.


Why we believe this is important!

With a steady shrinking of profit margins in, what is perceived as classic outsourcing, IT companies all around the world have to make a choice:

  • Transform into a product company, or
  • Convert their business model to TaaS (Team as a Service).

In both cases, their creative and engineering teams will have to dive much deeper into the world of UX and Product design. Doing nothing and hoping for the best is not an option.

This course will provide guidance in the following areas:

  • Improved understanding, analysis, and optimization of clients’ business models
  • Implementation of ROI concepts into every stage of product design
  • Proper optimization of Product Change Management and Feature Development Cycles
  • Definition and sustainable execution of MVP models in your Product Design
  • Setting measurable goals to drive your product design & development processes

What is the concept of this course?

We provide a well-balanced mix of theory, real-life examples, thorough analysis of key case studies, and classroom workshops.

You will get full understanding of the pivotal UX aspects and how those relate to each other:

  1. What are UX User Personas and why should you care.
  2. How to properly develop and utilize User Journeys in your product development cycle.
  3. Why user stories should be closely tied to User Personas and Journeys, and why they shouldn’t be engineering-centric.
  4. What MVP really is, and how to make sure that your Product is making people’s lives better.
  5. How to gather useful feedback from users and how to use findings for further tweaks and development.

Most important, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your peers, users, customers, prospects, and bosses – in order to make sure that everyone in the company understands what you are building, and why!

The Truth

There are many good, even great, books and articles written about this topic. However, good courses that can teach you hands-on how to implement these well-thought holistic approaches are very rare outside Silicon Valley. Especially in the growing IT markets like yours. There is (still) nothing that can replace a good course based on combination of theory, personal experience, and hands-on workshops.

Real UX & Product Design course gives opportunity to people who have come to the UX world from other branches (graphic & web design, development, QA or even C-level positions) to improve their knowledge and get a sense of great (yet simple) tools that will help them create great products and services that people love to use.

In short, you will:

  • Learn what the value of good UX really is, and how to apply it in your day-to-day work and life.
  • Change your perception and focus on real problems and challenges of product design & development.
  • Introduce simple methodology in your UX work that will affect your company as a whole.
  • Understand what your job is, and how to do it in the best possible way.
  • Learn to effectively communicate both vertically and horizontally.

What is the format?

It is up to you. We carefully crafted four options that are suitable for busy people’s schedules:

Real UX & Product Design

This is our base course, from Friday morning until late afternoon Sunday. Gives you a full story – from User Personas, over MVP, to further feedback-induced development. You will also learn how to effectively communicate and, most importantly, what your job is and how to excel.

Real UX & Product Design Plus

Same as the base course, but we end on Sunday evening with an extra session about your challenges and problems, over a cup of hot drink – in a proven Lean Coffee concept. Additionally, each person gets a 1 hour of free private online consultation during the two weeks after the course.

Real UX Crash Course

This is a one-day course for people that are really, really busy. From dawn till dusk we go through all important UX concepts and touch base on everything that matters. We’re ending in the evening with a 3 hour workshop where you showcase what you learned during the day. The goal is that you take enough knowledge with you to change your product the next day.

Real UX Crash Course Plus

Same as the Crash Course, but we hang out the next day in a Q&A sessions in small groups. We dive into detail about your real work challenges and discuss how to improve them.

UX & Product Design, 1 day case-study consultations

You and your team are not novices to UX & Product Design, but some guidance and a fresh angle from an outside expert would help put things together? We made this one just for you!


Prerequisites for attending?

We expect you to have:

  • free account. You will need this to create personas, journeys, wireframes, etc.
  • GMail or GSuite (former Google Apps) account, so you can have access to decks and other collaborative material.
  • free account. We use Trello for all communication and a good place for everything related to the courses.
  • Laptop, if you have one. If not, that’s fine. A pen and a notebook will do.

The trainer

Predrag Kanazir

A sociologist turned software engineer. Started career as a freelancer, continued his journey as a graphic designer, frontend developer, and product owner, he has also had different roles in several startups, working his way up to the current position – director of product at AxiomQ.

The red line in his 18-years work experience has always been shaping and leading the process of creation and development of digital products, building and running teams and startups – from Novi Sad, his hometown, to Seoul and San Francisco.

Predrag was engaged in projects for Google, and other renowned companies: Dell, ING, Colgate, and Keiser Permanente. He is a part of the team behind ZenGRC application for the past seven years.



Real UX & Product Design €480.00
Real UX & Product Design + Lean Coffee €540.00
Real UX Crash Course €390.00
Real UX Crash Course Plus €470.00
UX & Product Design, 1 day case-study consultations €720.00

Popust 10% za kompanije koje su članice bilo kog od IT klastera u Srbiji!


We deliver public and in-house courses, and here are the differences:

Public In-house
We organize the venue and catering, with the additional fee of €50 per participant. Hosting company organizes the venue and catering.

NOTE: The venue has to have a table plus two chairs per two participants, a beamer, and a flipchart with markers


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