Real UX Crash Course in Novi Sad

Join us for the Real UX Crash Course in Novi Sad on March 1st, 2019! If your schedule is hectic and you prefer condensed content – seize the opportunity to dive into this intensive full-day event.



From dawn till dusk we go through all important UX concepts and touch base on everything that matters. We’re ending in the evening with a 3 hour workshop where you showcase what you learned during the day. The goal is that you take enough knowledge with you to change your product the next day.

Read here what our Real UX & Product Design courses are all about, and peek at the curricula here.


Where and When

We have teamed up with our friends from Startit Novi Sad to implement this course at the venue in Mike Antića 2. We start at 8:30 in the morning and will not let you go before 9 p.m.



€390.00 per participant.

Employees of companies that are members of any of the Serbian IT clusters/associations have 10% discount (Subotica IT Cluster, Zrenjanin IT Cluster, ICT Net Belgrade, NiCAT Niš, ICT CS Kragujevac, and DSI Belgrade)



Application deadline extened until February 25, 2019!

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